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Best Coding Bootcamp Sacramento, CA

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It’s been said that the West Coast is the best coast when it comes to work-life balance. Specifically, it’s California that knows how to party, and was ranked the second best state for software engineers to live and work in 2022.

In the heart of California: Sacramento - the state’s capital - known for its farm-to-fork local food scene, river views, and vibrant downtown area. Sacramento is also a top contender to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley for lucrative tech careers. Only 90 miles northeast of the Bay Area, one of the biggest hubs for tech companies in the country.

The workforce needs professionals with experience in software engineering, computer science, web development, UX design, and computer programming. According to the human resources consulting firm Robert Half, “52% of tech employers said they were adding new positions” in 2022. Landing one of these roles requires technical and problem-solving abilities and demonstrating your capacity on different types of projects is essential.

Enter coding bootcamps. Whether you have a four-year degree, or years of professional software engineering experience, or neither of those and only interest to learn, coding bootcamps can help you build the abilities essential to these technical roles. A coding bootcamp will teach you the exact skills you need in a shorter, immersive learning experience compared to a traditional degree. Considering between an online coding bootcamp and a local coding boot camp can be complicated, so we’ve put together the facts on the best coding bootcamps in Sacramento. Whether you’re living outside Sac looking for a diverse career, or a local wanting a career transformation, coding bootcamps can help you.

The Benefits of Attending Coding Bootcamps in Sacramento

If you’re interested in a career in computer science as a web developer or a software engineer in an area with major growth potential and high-paying salaries, Sacramento is an underrated destination for the aspiring developer.

There are approximately 17,900 job openings projected for 2022 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and many new promising startups in Sacramento. In fact, the Tech Tribune recently highlighted these ten tech startups with major growth potential to look out for this year.

These startups and even established companies are paying a premium for good web developer talent. In Sacramento, developers can make an average salary of $112,410 per year and avoid the high costs of living neighboring tech-focused cities like San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland have. While still being close to top-rated restaurants, hotels, music, sports, and networking venues.

Sacramento is two hours away from some of California’s most prestigious landscapes like Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, and many more national forests. The proximity to the great outdoors, big city life, and smaller rural towns make Sacramento a unique location to find work-life balance for an individual or a family.

Cost of Coding Bootcamps in Sacramento

You’re likely saying to yourself: Sacramento sounds amazing, but are coding bootcamps worth it?

Some of the most in-demand programming skills are being taught in bootcamps, and industry professionals would say building your technical knowledge will definitely help you start a new career in coding no matter which programming language you are drawn to.

Bootcamps are shorter courses offered at a lower cost compared to a four-year degree program. The average cost of an in-person coding bootcamp is $13,584 and the average online coding bootcamp is $12,898, according to NerdWallet. Of course, the cost to enroll will vary by bootcamp format and provider.

With four-year universities like UC Davis (through a partnership with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U Inc. brand), in-person instructor-led training programs (following the pandemic), and live online programs offering coding bootcamps, cost should be first on your list of considerations. No matter what your budget looks like, here are three ways you can help fund your coding bootcamp enrollment.

Apply for scholarships.

Many coding bootcamps offer scholarships to underrepresented individuals interested in pursuing a career as a software engineer or ux design professional. There are also a growing number of need-based scholarship opportunities available nationally. Current students and new grads who may have loans accruing interest may find scholarships to be an easier route to continuing their learning journey.

Consider loans or Income Share Agreements.

Evaluate the median salary of your desired position after completing a coding bootcamp. Will it earn you more than the cost of the coding bootcamp? If so, some students consider opening a personal loan or deferring tuition. Remember, deferring your tuition by opting for an Income Share Agreement requires you to pay back a percentage each month for a set number of years based on your minimum salary. (In fact, the government is stepping in to make sure students are well aware that ISAs are considered loans). Both loans and Income Share Agreements include fine print - make sure you’re fully aware of all stipulations before signing up.

Research employer tuition reimbursement.

Employee-sponsored scholarships can be used on developing on-the-job skills for adult students. If you’re interested in attending a bootcamp for professional advancement at your current company, this may be a great option for you.

Best Coding Bootcamps in (and near) Sacramento

Now that you know why Sacramento is a great location and ways to fund your learning, here are some of the best coding bootcamps you can find.

  • UC Davis Boot Camps. The Continuing and Professional Education program offers Boot Camp courses in coding, data analytics, digital marketing, and UX/UI. They teach the most relevant market skills online in a live instructor-led format. UC Davis is ranked 10th Top Public School among national universities and continues to rank among the nation’s top graduate engineering schools.
  • Academy X. This bootcamp offers in-person and online programs, however, due to the pandemic, Sacramento courses are currently offered online. Classes are very small (average of five students per course) and they offer discounts for the unemployed/full-time students, self-employed, non-profits, etc.
  • Nucamp. Beginners and advanced coders can build their skills in part-time programs. Nucamp’s mission is to help all aspiring career shifters and offer four different courses, scholarships, and affordable payment loans. They play up their smaller classes as well with a maximum cap of 15 active students per class.

Choosing from the Best Coding Bootcamps in Sacramento

Sacramento is a prime location for coding professionals. The geography, business opportunities, lower cost of living versus a New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, but still with a West Coast lifestyle make it a great place to learn new skills and apply them in your new career. You’ll be bleeding purple and enjoying our breweries in no time (existing Sacramento Kings lovers are ringing their cowbells in agreement).

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