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How Coding Can Help To Clean Up Our Oceans

This article examines how coding and technology are essential allies in the global effort to clean up our oceans, emphasizing the need for ongoing innovation and collaboration in this field.

Remote Work: Bridging the Employment Gap for People with Disabilities

Discover the pivotal role remote work plays in providing equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, highlighting the benefits of flexible schedules, customized work environments, and enhanced accessibility.

Cheap Coding Bootcamps in 2024: What You Need To Know

The coding job market has seen astronomical growth over the last decade, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is confident that jobs like software developer, quality assurance analyst, and QA tester will continue to outperform the US labor market as a whole over the next ten years. Still, if you’ve been following the news, it’s been impossible to miss the recent layoffs in the tech industry — layoffs that, according to Business Insider, have disproportionately impacted those “learn-to-code” roles like software engineer. And even the BLS, while bullish in their outlook for software developers, foresees a contraction in demand for computer programmer hires over the next decade. Now, this doesn’t mean that a tech profession is off the table for those looking to build up their coding skills and (hopefully) land a job with $100k+ compensation. But it suggests that an aspiring web developer, software developer, or full stack engineer should be more careful about how they invest their career aspirations.

From the Start: Introducing Coding to Young Minds

Introducing young minds to coding can be highly beneficial, as it not only familiarizes them with computers and the fundamentals of coding but also engages them in the process of unraveling how things function.

GI Bill Coding Bootcamps: Which is Right for You?

Whether you’re a veteran just out of active duty or you’ve already reintegrated into civilian life and are looking to make a change, the GI Bill and VET TEC funding can make your transition into a coding career easier. With so many coding bootcamps accepting these forms of funding, the hardest part might be choosing the right one for you.

How to Think about Coding Bootcamp Job Placements and Employment Guarantees

The vast majority of bootcamp participants share a common goal: to learn to code so they can land a job and start on a new career path. With the software engineering and software development job market predicted to grow by 25% over the next ten years and most coding professionals currently earning in excess of $100,000, this should come as no surprise.