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Choose the Right Summer Coding Bootcamp in 2023

March 9, 2022

We can’t say for sure if it’s due to the global population now living firmly in a remote-first world, but there’s significant interest among professionals (and parents) looking for coding schools to attend this summer. Why not? You don’t need an MBA from Harvard to see the growth trajectory for the web developer, and it turns out you may not need a high school diploma either.

The internet is slowly transitioning away from centralized social media platforms and reimagining how humans will work, game, and communicate. That type of migration will require developers with a strong foundation in modern technology, resulting in higher demand for the web development professional that’s seeing two or three steps ahead. A coding bootcamp introduces both younger and older learners to valuable skills and sets them up to potentially be a beneficiary of a tech industry soaked in capital.

Beyond being a career opportunity, coding is simply fun. For parents looking for summer coding camps from 4th grade to senior year of high school, skip to the last section of this guide. If you’re a professional looking for a coding bootcamp immersion, the next few paragraphs are for you.

As the world slowly reopens, schools may start to accept in-person students. There are so many incredible software engineering bootcamp offering summer courses that you can find here, however, we wanted to call out some of the strongest picks. This year, we’re giving weight to programs that feature first and third-party reported outcomes data, as well as highly challenging curriculums. Start adding some beach wallpapers to your operating system now. This summer, you’ll spend more time on your laptop than at the beach. (At least temporarily.)

Fullstack Academy. Fullstack Academy’s summer coding bootcamp runs from June to September with pre-work beginning in May. This 17-week program is longer than competing programs and is one of the highest-rated in the industry, which could explain why it’s on the premium end of tuition fees. Expect a full summer of lectures, coding challenges, workshops, and pair exercises for software engineering students.

Grace Hopper at Fullstack Academy. One of the best female-centered coding bootcamp courses nationally is the Grace Hopper Full Stack Coding Bootcamp.  Offered fully online, the summer program runs from June through September. We’ve written about the Grace Hopper program multiple times (and you can check out the profile for this bootcamp here), so prepare for an in-depth curriculum should you get admitted. Starting with the fundamentals of computer science (algorithms, data, structures, OOP, and more) before moving to front-end and back-end programming, databases, and more. With real-world projects and encouraging hiring outcomes, Grace Hopper is a strong landing place to build your coding skills.

Ironhack. Ironhack has a reputation for a rewarding and challenging bootcamp experience. One of the reasons to choose them - particularly in the summer months - over another bootcamp is because they have locations in both the U.S. (Ironhack Miami) and abroad. The aspiring web development professional wanting to spend a summer coding from Bordeaux or Dusseldorf can do so. While you’ll be spending most of your time on coding challenges, it doesn’t hurt to sip a glass of red from Bordeaux’s right bank while validating your code. Full-stack web development, cybersecurity, UX, and data science are all available from Ironhack, however, you’ll want to verify they’re all offered during the summer.

Summer Coding Bootcamps for Grade, Middle & High School Students

iDTech. Hosting some of the more well-known coding bootcamps for middle and high school students, you may already be familiar with iDTech. Parents looking for a summer camp for their child have the option for the in-person or remote experience iDTech’s been steadily improving over their last 23 years. Their on-campus experience features courses in programming languages such as Python, Java (with an emphasis in game development and Minecraft mods), neural networks, and VR. If your teen is looking for a more advanced programming bootcamp, they may want to try learning blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and autonomous robotics as well.

We like that some of the locations offer overnight options for your young software developer, as well as breaks for ultimate frisbee and games throughout the day.

Summer coding boot camp cost: Approximately $729 - $1,129

National Computer Camps. Considered perhaps the oldest and most famous bootcamp summer program since 1977, NCC offers its courses to children ages 8-18. A young student looking to spend a summer immersed in web development can certainly do that with course options at the NCC. Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, and HTML are available, as well as the usual Minecraft modding and 2D/3D game design courses present in a competing summer camp.  This coding bootcamp also comes with an optional cost for athletics, which breaks up a long day of coding with a bit of exercise for students. (Not a bad add-on for children who’ve spent the last couple of years inside during a pandemic.) We like a camp that builds coding skills with a detailed schedule, while also allowing young minds to explore new concepts with recreational activities, open computer time, and a sports program.

Summer coding boot camp cost: Approximately  $1,250 per week, with scholarship grants available

Digital Media Academy. A fully online remote summer camp for students ranging from K-12. While we consider this a virtual summer camp, they also have after-school programs available as well as winter and spring starts as well. Many parents are looking for an in-person summer coding bootcamp following prolonged periods of pandemic-induced isolation. However, if students and parents are more comfortable learning virtually, courses in data structures, Adobe CC, audio editing, 3D printing, and much more are available from DMA.

Summer coding boot camp cost: Starting at approximately $699 for week-long courses

Hot Summer. Hotter Coding Career.

The summer might be hot, but so is the market for a web developer. Whether you’re attending a programming bootcamp that sets up the next stage of your career, or a parent sending your child to explore the fundamentals of computer science, these programs provide a strong foundation. Get matched to the best coding bootcamp customized to your needs, and spend this summer on the path to becoming a developer.