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Best Coding Bootcamps Friday Roundup: Week of April 8th

April 8, 2022

Every two weeks, Best Coding Bootcamps highlights the latest developments in coding courses for prospective students in the final stages of their bootcamp research.

  • ZDNet reports on the CIRR’s coding bootcamp data published from July - December of 2021. They call out an encouraging stat from bootcamps that reported their outcomes data: 71.4% of graduates found jobs within 180 days. While this is a strong start, we highly encourage you to dive a lot deeper to ask the important question: How many of these jobs are full-time tech careers? Use our matching tool to find the right bootcamp for you and determine which programs do the best job of reporting outcomes data. [ZDnet]
  • Birthright Israel launches the “Brightcode” coding program, open to Jewish adults, a synchronous online coding bootcamp. It’s no cost to eligible attendees (Similar to the Birthright Israel trips, it’s open to Jewish adults aged 18-32 as well as Taglit-Birthright Israel alum). Brightcode’s curriculum features HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, PHP, and React, and we’re seeing similar coding courses offered by other bootcamps.As the Brightcode bootcamp just launched we won’t have cohort data until the end of 2022, but the training investment is impressive on its face. Five months of virtual coursework followed by in-person training (for a month) in Tel Aviv? We like the prospects of their initiative, particularly as Israel’s been a strong producer of tech products and talent over the past ten years. [Jerusalem Post]
  • She Loves Code launched the first coding bootcamp for women in India, a welcome development for right-sizing the volume of women pursuing tech careers. At launch, She Loves Code offers full-stack development and cloud computing. CEO Osheen Chavhan, the Founder and CEO of Infaspark, is at the helm. [Aninews]
  • Protocol broke some disappointing news around representation efforts: Only a 1% increase in black workers in tech jobs occurred between 2014 and 2021. Best Coding Bootcamps features bootcamps with missions to improve the hiring shortfall of black candidates, as well as scholarships specifically for minority bootcamp applicants. Check those out here. [Protcol]

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