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Front End

Promineo Tech

Full Time
Live Classes HeldWeekdays
  • Java
  • OOP
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • DDl
  • DML
  • JDBC
  • REST
  • JPA
  • JWT
  • AWS
  • HTML / CSS
  • AJAX

About Institution

Promineo Tech is a newer coding bootcamp based in Arizona that experienced some growing pains during the pandemic. Students reported the online materials to be plentiful, however, more emphasis on the educational aspect of the back-end and full stack bootcamps will be needed to compete with the best. The 18-week frontend curriculum features an introduction to Javascript, front end technologies, and Web app development in React. We'd like to see far more transparency in their outcomes data, which may come as the existing cohorts graduate and receive job offers. as pricing and outcomes data is buried on the website or currently not published. We look forward to seeing this bootcamp continue to evolve as their ongoing partnerships with several colleges and universities produce more bootcamp grads to fill open software engineering roles.

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  • Scholarships Available
  • Tuition Discounts Available
  • Financing
  • Income Share Agreement (ISA)
  • GI Bill
  • Refund Available
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Program Information

Front End / Phoenix

Program Benefits

Skills Gained
Version Control / GIT JavaScript HTML / CSS React
Services Offered to Students
  • Student Success Coach
  • Faculty Office Hours
  • Portfolio Support
  • Resume Assistance
  • Technical Interview Preparation
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • 1-on-1 Career Coaching
  • Alumni Network Events
Companies Hiring Their Graduates
  • Not published

Cost & Finances

Flexible Financing Options For Your Budget

Promineo Tech provides flexible options for funding your education. Get connected with an admissions counselor at Promineo Tech and see which plans are right for you.

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