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Best Coding Bootcamps: Free membership that gives you an EDGE.

Best Coding Bootcamps provides a clearer lens for future developers to see their educational options. Our membership program is built on this idea. We want to be there from your first coding course all the way to the last stage of your hiring process. Moreover, we want your learning journey to inspire the next generation of coders by connecting them to the right bootcamp. This is why we’ve created the EDGE program - which is and will always be free to students who use our website.

Become an EDGE member today and enjoy these one-of-a-kind benefits:

  • One-click access to your personalized bootcamp recommendations
  • An advisor to help you weigh and consider your choices through video messaging
  • Our EDGE program features exclusive tuition discounts and opportunities to receive cash back once you start the program, as you complete certain milestones, and ultimately graduate. Here are more details on how you can earn cash from us.
    • Enroll: Complete our questionnaire to match with providers offering bootcamps you fit your interests. If you decide to apply and enroll in one of the participating bootcamps we've partnered with, you can earn cash back on your tuition payment when you send us a copy of your proof of enrollment.
    • Delivered Certification: You will earn additional cash back when you graduate (or complete the course) from a participating bootcamp provider. Simply send us a copy of your graduation certificate or proof of course completion.
    • Grad Interview: Your bootcamp graduation is behind you and job applications may now be on the horizon. At this phase of EDGE, you'll be eligible to earn an Amazon giftcard. We'll interview you about your bootcamp experience and publish your story as part of our series designed to support prospective bootcamp students.
    • Employment: This is our favorite part. We'll send you another Amazon giftcard when you tell us about your employment outcome. Whether you start a new job or receive a promotion at your current employer, we are interested in hear about how the bootcamp helped you move forward in your career!

Again, EDGE membership is 100% free and you'll earn some cash as you pursue your learning journey, so this is a no-brainer. Register to become a member today. Know someone else considering a coding bootcamp? Refer a friend and receive $50 for each referral who joins EDGE and goes onto enroll in one of our featured bootcamp partners.